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Regional Transportation Plan 


Every Regional Transportation Planning Agency is required by law to conduct long-range planning to ensure that the region’s vision and goals are clearly identified and to ensure effective decision making relative to implementation of the stated vision and goals. The Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) is an important policy document that is based on the unique needs and characteristics of a region.  The RTP helps shape the region’s economy, environment, and community character. The RTP must also help to achieve the state goals for transportation, environmental quality, economic growth, and social equity.

The following outline provides details about the purpose and content of the RTP.

  • The RTP establishes the basis for programming local, state, and federal funds for transportation projects within a region – In short, projects must be included in the RTP to receive state and federal funding.

  • The RTP has a 20-year planning horizon, includes both long (20 year) and short (10 year) strategies and actions.

  • The RTP will include a purpose and need statement and a policy element, action element, and financial element.

  • The RTP is multi-modal, addressing transportation matters related to streets and roads, transit systems, active transportation, aviation, and new technologies in transportation.

  • A program level Environmental Impact Report will be prepared to determine the impacts of implementation of the RTP.

  • The RTP will include documented public outreach and coordination with state, local, federal agencies, and tribal governments.

  • The RTP will be fiscally constrained – which means it cannot include more projects than we are able to forecast available funds for.

  • The RTP will be coordinated with the development of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Sustainable Communities Strategy.

2015-2035 Regional Transportation Plan (8 mb)

List of Projects included in the 2015-2035 RTP and completed between 2015-2020

Road Network Completed Projects 2020 RTP

Transit Completed Projects List

Non-Moto Completed Projects


2015/2035 Environmental Impact Report

2017 El Dorado County Demographic Report

RTP Advisory Committee

In April of 2018, the EDCTC Board ratified the membership of the RTP Advisory Committee (RTPAC). Regional Transportation Planning Agencies are required to implement a public involvement process including opportunities for private and public operators of transit and freight, tribal governments, local communities, the general public, and other interested/affected parties. EDCTC will continue to utilize an RTP Advisory Committee as a focal point of our public involvement process because of the positive results achieved through the RTP processes conducted in previous updates. 

List of RTP Advisory Committee Member Groups and Organizations


In a recent Poll of the Regional Transportation Plan Advisory Committee, they submitted the following responses to the question below:

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Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG) is currently working on a concurrent update to their Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy. Click the following link to learn more about their update for the Sacramento Region, https://www.sacog.org/2020MTPSCS

Contact information: If you have any questions or concerns regarding the 2020-2040 Regional Transportation Plan,
contact the RTP Project Manager, Senior Transportation Planner, Jerry Barton at 530.642.5267.